• Cargo In 3D

    3D Cameras combined with Cloud Computing and Data Management for Transportation Industry

  • Cargo In 3D

    Capture, record and deliver physical characteristics of each package efficiently

  • Cargo In 3D

    Data is used to increase revenue, defend claims and the optimization of processess

Product Heading One

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Sales Opportunity

  • Retail Price for FLWR-200 is $20,000. includes basic install on X-Ray machine and 1 year service

  • Special Financing for all orders placed by 12/31/13. $6,000 due with Order, $7,000 at Installation, Final Payment of $7,000 due 30 days after Installation.

  • Same Site Discounts. 3-5 Units 5%, 5-9 units, 8%, more than 10 units, 10%.